Quarter Brains… and Donuts

I’ve posted this picture before but ran across it again today.  At one time I tried to find the intersection where this was taken.  I’ve since lost the exact location but I know it’s near the intersection of Grand and Lindell in St. Louis..  It’s completely different now than it was then.  The area has been redeveloped.  If you look in the lower left-hand corner you can see the Gateway Arch in the background,

Brains 2

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5 thoughts on “Quarter Brains… and Donuts”

  1. One of my favorite B&P pics. This was one of the unique and memorable things, along with the story of the steamboat in the cornfield, that first got my attention on B&P about six or seven years ago. Haven’t missed a day since.

  2. If you truly want to find it, just ask any policeman who has been on the job for thirty years. If there was a doughnut shop within twenty miles, he would know about it.

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