6 thoughts on “Books break the shackles of time”

  1. so true…. i think about how amazing cars are too… metal parts (and other things) bolted together and transporting humans around at incredible speeds. but yeah, books… nothing beats books.

  2. The most important invention of mankind is the alphabet. It enabled the transfer of knowledge in the form of hand written text to people and allowed mankind to build on previous knowledge.

    The second most important invention was the printing press, because now that knowledge can be transferred to so many more people then before. And just like the aforementioned alphabet, that knowledge is passed on long after the original scholars are deceased.

    We know have the Internet and all those wireless communication devices and social outlets to express ourselves. All made possible by the knowledge gained through the alphabet and the printed word. Result? Our alphabet is being replaced by emoticons, misspelled words, videos of Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga and pictures of our dinner. We are not asked for our opinion, rather we are asked to click Like or to Share. Respect, support and prayers are given by the same click on a screen. Instead of “Eureka” moments of discovery, we are walking into posts and fountains at the mall while our heads are buried squinting into a screen with ultra-nano type.

    Yes we have come a long way, but while looking at caricatures of a lady drinking wine, or a man with a big grin, we have lost the direction we were heading. OMG! WTF? 😉 LOL

  3. I have been on many great adventures through books, I love to read. Some of my favorite places are bookstore and libraries. Consider me a bibliophile, nerdy: so what!
    Real books, not e-readers, it’s just not the same, I know they have their advantages, but I prefer real books.

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