3 thoughts on “Thanks for the ticket”

  1. I thank them, call them Sir or Ma’am, and thank them for their service. 1) There are a lot of really good cops out there just doing their jobs and it’s not their fault you broke the law and 2) I’d rather be remembered as the good guy if I get pulled over by them again because I didn’t learn my lesson.

    • I find it very hard… and very weird, to thank them for giving me a ticket. Now if he gave me a warning, then yeah, I’m good with thanking him. That’s much appreciated. I know they’re just doing their job, and I’m NEVER rude or arrogant, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to thank them for giving me a ticket if I can help it. Unless I do it accidentally out of courtesy ’cause I’m just nice of a guy. 🙂

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