B&P Loading S-L-O-W

SlowwebsiteSeveral people have alerted me to the fact that Bits & Pieces is taking an unusually long time to load. 

 I’ve deactivated some recently updated plugins to see if one of them might be the culprit. 

Just be aware that I’m looking into the problem.

 Update:  I think I may have found the problem by process of elimination of some plugins.  It seems to be loading faster now.

Update II:  OK.  Apparently not fixed.  I’m still deactivating plugins and checking.  Let me know if it gets better on yourt end.

Update III:  I’ve optimized the database and it seems to have solved the problem.  Let me know if it’s better for you.


31 thoughts on “B&P Loading S-L-O-W”

  1. Just popped over to BitsofWisdom and Naughtybits and they don’t have the slowness of B&P. I know they probably don’t have the volume of B&P, but this doesn’t appear to be a volume related problem. I’m still seeing the slowness on B&P, so you might not have hit the right plugin yet.

  2. Now the comment page appears to be coming up and refreshing fairly quickly. The actual web pages are dragging still.

  3. Appears to be resolving properly now (or at least at a reasonable rate). Standard pages and pages to page are rendering in less than 5 seconds here in TN. The comment feeds seem to be popping right up and I can refresh them immediately.

  4. Dropped back again on the web pages. It’s taking 45-60 seconds to bring up the site. Comment feed is still working quickly. I have comments in a separate window and when I post here, it’ll take 30-45 to bring it up as a page, but I can refresh it immediately on the feed so it’s already posted.

  5. Sorry to report but still very slow to load here in Spain…
    Naughtybits is OK… same rapid loading speed as always.


  6. Anyone in here that can remember using a 300 baud modem would consider today’s B&P loading speed as lightning fast…

  7. 2:42 pm cst page just as slow and took approx. 15 sec to even get to these comments after clicking same. The amazon loading seems to take a long while to load.

  8. 2115h Pacific Sunday night. It is still slow. Better than it was Saturday (unusable), but still too slow, and not loading all images 100%.

    Yes, square space is a good solution. However, use a discount code before you sign up.

  9. I thought this was just me, how weird!
    FB has also been loading incredibly slowly, or not at all. I was wondering if it was a virus or what…

  10. You probably need to optimize your databases. There’s a place you can do that in your server settings, if you can’t find it you might have to ask GoDaddy. Works wonders.

  11. took 25 seconds before any part of the page loaded this morning, the banner was one of the last items to load
    took almost a full minute after clicking on comments before they loaded
    i have 5 meg download speed

  12. Its slow for me when I first load the page or click a link, BUT if I reload the page it comes up in about 1/2 second (as normal). Just trying to give you info to help figure out what’s wrong with it. Good Luck!

    • That’s because I deactivated the plugins that allowed that. I’ll be adding them back in slowly to make sure they don’t create a problem.

      • Ah, makes sense. Sadly, due to the incredibly stupidly slow microwave point-to-point crap that has to pass for internet for me, I probably wouldn’t even notice the site running slow…

        Oh, and look, the follow thing is back!

  13. I thought it was my computer, I’m so glad it’s not, and I’m glad it’s fixed! Sure did miss my B&P!!

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