10 thoughts on “Sydney Harbor… without the water”

  1. If you zoom in real tight, you can see Al-Gorzeera frantically shaking his freaky-deaky, half-a-slick-billion, beached-whale “TOLDJA-TOLDJA-TOLDJA” heiny in all its crude-oil-luvin’-emir-of-qatar-well-warmed-over glory.

  2. Ah, 20 years ago I spent five months in Australia on business (I’m a yank (of course)). And the BIG boss comes over for a visit. “Chris, I’ve signed us up for a tour of Sydney harbor tomorrow morning.” “Oh, wow!” Sigh.

    And Sydney harbor, reputed to be the most beautiful harbor in the world. . . is. One of the most fascinating, interesting tours I have had in a long life. “That’s the house of the owner/editor of the newspaper, he flies his helicopter to work most days.” “This new construction (harbor-side) is low income housing, rent is essentially zero, the law looks poorly on building low-income housing only in undesirable areas.”

    I apologized to my boss coming off the boat, it was the best time I had for some time.

  3. With temperatures like we’ve had lately (49 deg celsius the other day) this could become a reality! (though I live in the Barossa Valley, South Australia).

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