4 thoughts on “Millionaires”

  1. I found where we need to start the redistribution of wealth. to be a senator you must liquefy all your assets and give it to the poor in your state. you will no longer need a retirement plan or other assets as the gov. will take care of you.

  2. This is an interesting graphic. If it is not 100% true it is likely close. The question I have is whether you need money to become elected or if when you become elected you suddenly have “means” to become wealthy. The answer is that both of these things are true. I kind of like what A L N said but it may be a bit extreme for me. In other words we need to somehow make the first interest of elected officials their job and not their assets.

  3. The 99% voted them in. Stop complaining, you got what you voted for (deserve?).

    For any country (that gets to vote in a fair way), the only way to change the status quo is to vote for independents. My party, right or wrong, voting just maintains the shit that we complain about.

    YOU are to blame, NOT the Government YOU elected.

    • the problem now is our Gumbit as a whole is corrupt and not worth a damn,kinda like that line from a movie… its game over man

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