5 thoughts on “Dog Trainer Saves Dog with CPR”

  1. EQ vs. IQ, there is no try. Emotions bring chaos. Brains save lives.

    That guy probably saved a lot more dog lives than just that one with this video. Thanks for posting this.

    Srsly tho, that woman, the dog would have just died in her arms for no good reason. I had to turn the sound off – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0GW0Vnr9Yc

    • I’d be distraught too; I can’t imagine how it’s like seeing a beloved companion in distress like that.

  2. Years ago I had a dog friend, mixed breed, 3yo and 100 lbs that got choked on an what was left of her leather chew and she couldn’t breath at at all. I did the heimlich on her – took 3 times because I was so nervous I didn’t do it right at first. I quickly calmed down and did it right, the chew popped out and she was fine. One of the most emotional experiences of my life, I needed a Jack and coke after that and she acted like nothing happened. We were friends for a long time. Amazing what we can accomplish when we have to.

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