37 thoughts on “Anybody know what this is?”

  1. definitely looks like a lemon slice squeezer to me. Another one of those “for the person that has everything” sort of kitchen gadgets.

  2. It’s a folding pipe cleaner. One end is for american made pipes and the other is for European bowls.

    Actually it’s a crampon politicians use for scaling the fiscal cliff. If you own one it means that there’s a congressman or senator without his safety gear…….uh oh!…..there he goes………ahhhhhhhhhh! Another victim of the fiscal cliff.

  3. It’s a left handed Fetzer Valve Adjustment Tool. We use them all the time to repair the bypass line on a Boing Airliner. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Jonco, you have some of the craziest followers who don’t seem to have a serious bone in their body…THANK GOD! Happy New Year’s to all you crazy people 😛 😀

  5. It is either a dipstick to check the turn signal blinker fluid in a 1936 Hudson Terraplane limousine, or its a stainless steel lemon slice squeezer.


  6. These folks are messin with yer head, Jonco.
    I replaced this many times, so I recognized it right away: It’s the mud valve for the ’65 Chevy Corset. Sits right beside the pump for the brake lubricators. Extraordinarily rare now. Dave’s financial future will be secure forevermore with this find.

    • Ok Joel, sorry, my mistake. I must have been thinking about aftermarket, service station installed blinkers. Thanks for your diligent help! Please take two attaboys, and a pat on the back from petty cash! 😉

  7. Ok all…. I really don’t know what it is, but it might be an ashtray or a “thing-a-AMA-bob with a doo hickie connected by a quabbler shaft used for electronic repair on the Appallo 13”.

    Actually Jimmy just remembered what it was… It is a right handed muffler bearing adjuster tool on a 48 Coupe Deville.

    Ha!!!! Happy New Year to all!!!!

  8. Your son is partying at a “fiends” house? 😉

    That device there is a multipurpose gadget. It can be used as a lemon juice squeeze-a-thingy like the good folks above commented, its also handy for adjusting the primary non-circulating air flow for a HVAC system.

  9. Hey, come on guys / gals, we all know it’s an arse hole scratcher!!!! It saves you from having to scrub your finger nails after a really good scratch. You just put it in the dishwasher after use 🙂

  10. Since finding an unknown something in the drawer in my mother’s bedside table, I never EVER ask “What is this thing I found?”

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