Time’s Machine of the Year

Time machine of the year30 years ago, the 1982 Time Magazine Man of the Year was actually… the Computer. First time it was a non-human & was titled “Machine of the Year” (on issue dated Jan. 3, 1983). Imagine that, just 30 years ago!

Someone said the guy in this image looks like me.  I can see a resemblance in body and head structure.  I think my nose is different though.

Thanks Dawn B



10 thoughts on “Time’s Machine of the Year”

  1. Ironically, the computer is what has doomed magazines and newspapers. Newsweek just thankfully published it’s last issue, and most newspapers, including a lot of the biggies, are on their deathbeds.

    • I’m concerned about losing print newspapers. Doing a crossword puzzle on a computer screen doesn’t work so well…

    • Time will follow newsweek I read a few copies of newsweek it was the same thing every week…its Bushs fault the Repubicans are to blame Obama is perfect….YAWN ,I love to read the newspaper in the morning I hope they stay around for a few more years

  2. Well, besides the fact that it is a male sitting in front of a computer looking lost, I don’t see any resemblance.

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