17 thoughts on “Caption Contest – 415”

  1. I’m sure this restroom is somewhere just north of the equator where they still get Austrailian tourists hwo haven’t quite yet climatized from conditions ‘down under’!

  2. I guess no one has noticed that those little colored objects are what rock climbers use on practice walls.

    Not really a caption, just an info-comment.

  3. Or spend 20 seconds thinking of that scag that you were trying to pick up at closing time and how lucky you were she didn’t bite and wasn’t waiting for you to come back to bed.

    Pee like normal.

  4. thats too funny tony planking the toilet? ,dont give people any ideas…. we dont wanna see that,does the guy next to him have his foot in the toilet

  5. Finally, we have an excuse for missing

    Don’t forget to chalk up first .. you wouldn’t want to lose your grip

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