3 thoughts on “Smile… It’s Christmas”

  1. What a wonderful, patient dog. I don’t know that I’d be that patient, I don’t even particularly like my dentist putting his fingers in my mouth.
    My Fancy was like that, sadly we had to put her down Dec 11. She was 14. She would have been 15 in May. My lovely $10 pound puppy, we all miss her.

  2. Parents, PLEASE do not encourage your children to do this! Even the most docile family dog can bite if it feels like someone is invading its space. Just remember, if it does bite, it’s likely YOUR fault.

    @ that1chick, sorry about your loss. Your ‘Fancy’ lived a good life, thanks to you and your family. Tons of other dogs are at the pound waiting to love you, please don’t make them wait. Happy Holidays. 🙂

    • Thanks J-Bird, she did have a wonderful life with us, and she added so much to ours, she always acted as if she knew we had saved her. If I ever decide to get another dog I will rescue another, they do make the best friends.

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