5 thoughts on “Female Bodybuilding Championships”

  1. HELL NO!!!! it is a he and those “women” in bodybuilding dont even need to wear a top ,whats to cover up?

  2. I looked around to find out of this is actually a she. Here is what I found out. She is from Austria (body building very popular there). I don’t know if pro body building in Austria allows sex changes, because this seems like a possibility. I do doubt though that professional body building would not throw out a man with his manhood hidden in a serious competition. The other option is that this woman has taken steroids for many years, even from a young age to give her this physique. Also, she is not the only person to have this kind of body. Do a google search for Renee Toney. The only thing that makes this look dubious to me at this point is I haven’t seen any pictures of her prior to looking like a man. In other words with Renee Toney, there are several pictures showing her not as masculiine and show here body changing over time. I have only found these recent ones of Wang.

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