6 thoughts on “Fail Compilation – November 2012”

  1. The reason why everyone seems to have a video camera in Russia is not everyone has car insurance. When my driver in Moscow took me from the international airport to the city center, I realized that the white lines on the road mean nothing.

    Who can I sue for the six heart attacks I suffered watching this video?

  2. Things I’ve learned from this video:
    1. Don’t pass in the emergency lane.
    2. Don’t pass on a 2 lane road unless you’re absolutely sure it’s clear.
    3. Never go to Russia.

    • I can vouch for #2 – when I was 16, I dang near plowed into someone head-on trying to pass another vehicle. Talk about getting the fear of God pounded into you. Fortunately, there was no accident and no injuries–although my passengers did not fall back to sleep once we got going again.

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