11 thoughts on “How iI’s Made – Hot Dogs”

  1. I buy beef hotdogs if it just has “hotdogs” on the package its mystery meat,the Hebrew National are really good

  2. This reminded me of the old quote “There are two things that should never be seen while being made, sausages and laws”.

  3. I agree, Hebrew National dogs are really good.

    A friend of mine used to be a deli meat distributor. His products were “real” meats instead of those processed, squished, mixed and formed.

    He called those types: “Lips and Assholes Meats” because it was a giant mixture of leftover parts. Who really knows WHAT was included!

  4. Everyone is so grossed out. I thought it would be worse than that. Although I must admit that when I saw the discolored meat go into the hopper I wasn’t too excited. You should watch how Chicken Nuggets are made. At least you can see the original chunks of meat in this video. Nuggets are from bone and meat shredded together and forced through a filter to hold back the bone fragments. Nummy

  5. Here is a partial list of what “meats” are used:

    Pork remnants as mentioned from steaks, chops.
    Salivary glands
    Cheek Meat

    The same goes for all beef hot dogs and Hebrew National is by far the most deceptive maker of hotdogs. After finding out about the “filler” being actual waste, I have never been a fan of the taste anyway, so no loss for me.

    • Pigs cheeks are very tasty, actually. And I am assuming that the label on Hebrew National that says “No filler No by-products” is accurate.

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