9 thoughts on “Aussie Language Lesson”

  1. That’s is uncanny.
    I hope nobody could hear me sitting here putting on an American accent and saying this.
    Actually, I suppose they would have thought I was putting on an Aussie accent and saying Razor Blades.
    So I still sounded insane then. Ok.

  2. If you want to sound like a red neck, say “Earl Wales” in a normal accent. You are saying “Oil Wells” in a red neck accent…

  3. Years ago, an Aussie prof at our Canadian university stumped our entire class by saying “ten ta pige eye deen”. When none of us moved, he finally wrote his instructions on the blackboard – Turn to Page Eighteen.

  4. Something similar I did while living in Boston years ago…

    Tell somebody with a thick Boston accent – “say these letters in this order:
    Now what do you have if you have little holes in your earlobes?
    You have PSDS.

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