9 thoughts on “Fishing with hand grenades”

  1. Hmmm…doesn’t make sense to me. Grenade gives you around 3 seconds after you release it. That was less than 1 second. If that was someone throwing a grenade, they’d get a tremendous blowback and shrapnel before it had gone ten feet.

    • You’re right rev. In fact , the timers are a very precise, EXACTLY 4 seconds. I’ve thrown hundreds of them. They don’t have ‘fuses’, and malfunctions are practically unheard of. The timer starts when you ‘pop the spoon’, a spring loaded trigger that you’re holding under your thumb until you let the grenade go.
      I don’t see the spoon flying off when he drops the grenade, however, and he may have popped it 3 seconds earlier.
      I have no idea what his fellow idiot on the left is doing!
      (A standard military frag grenade has a kill radius of 30 feet.)

      • Yep, that’s the way I remember them Xalaskan, although I thought the kill radius was 40 feet. The fuse screws into the grenade. It’s similar to a mouse trap in that when the spoon is released, it’s spring loaded and flips over to pop a cap on the load in the fuse.

        (I was carrying a fuse once not paying any attention and was walking along flipping the trigger out of boredom…at about 3.5 seconds, I realized what I had done and dropped it right before it fired. Stung like the dickens.)

  2. Here is the original video. The Russian fellow holds it for a long time before dropping it and it appears they both survive. It says training of some sort.

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