8 thoughts on “A little NY hospitality”

  1. If they don’t mind sleeping in an upright position, I have a broom closet for rent for only $849.95.. Indoor restroom privileges not included at this price.

  2. Whenever someone tries to compare their home (size, cost, etc) to mine in New York City I simply ask — and where are you when you walk out the door? Hotels and apartments in NYC are expensive for three reasons — location, location, and location. If you don’t like it, pay $69 a night at EconoLodge or 250K for your doublewide Mc Mansion looking out on Denny’s and WalMart.

    • I once lived in the East Village, and I have no desire to go anywhere near there ever again. My home sits on 3 acres where I can sit out back and watch my horses graze and my dogs run around. No poop scooping needed…

  3. Easy there Big Sue, why would you want to walk out of YOUR home into a dark ally way with a super size F#cking rat giving directions to the lower east side…now thats a hell of a LOCATION!

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