Hostess Bailout

Hostess Bakery plants shut down Friday the result of a union strike idling some 18,000 workers.  The government  will hire most all of these displaced employees.

  • The State Department will hire the Twinkies
  • The Secret Service gets the Ho Hos
  • The generals will  sleep with the Cupcakes
  • All the Ding Dongs are going to Congress

Thanks Gene


Live coverage of a fake airplane crash

WGN in Chicago had a bit of breaking news this morning and live chopper footage over a plane crash on a major thoroughfare.  Problem is, it was a fake crash that was being used in the filming of a television show.  No one alerted the news media of the situation.

Note:  The video is set to auto-play so I’ve disabled it.  The link to the video is below the inages.
























Link to story with video

Thanks Goddess