6 thoughts on “Toughest Bridge In The World”

  1. Really, the flashing lights are not enough of a warning if this is happening this much. Either they need to put a bumper at that height before the bridge or they need to dig another foot down and repave.

    • Just read that they can’t lower the road due to a sewer main just below the road. They could build a taller trestle, but it would be prohibitively expensive. They also have lights that flash only when the truck is too tall. I would think though that the cost of raising the bridge would be less than the $5000/month that is being paid for repairing all of the trucks. If there is one wreck a month at $5000 of damage per accident it would take 33 years to equal the cost of a $2M bridge.

  2. Or maybe the drivers are just stupid. Warning signs on routes leading to the bridge, warning signs near the bridge, warning signs on the bridge, lights that flash if the truck is too high…. at some point you have to blame the people running into the bridge. People need to wake up and be aware once in a while.

    Also, it looks like a lot of those trucks are going faster than the 25 mph speed limit.


  3. This is 23 miles from my home at South Gregson St. and West Peabody St. in downtown Durham, NC 27701. It is a major street through the old tobacco factories district. This sort of thing happens so frequently that the local TV news station doesn’t even report it anymore. Google 190 S Gregson St, Durham, NC 27701 and click on street view for a better look.

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