Hurricane Sandy Comes Ashore

Alan Taylor of The Atlantic has an amazing collection of photos taken in the last 24 hours or so of the damages done by Hurricane Sandy as it came ashore along the East coast.

Cars engulfed
Rising water, caused by Hurricane Sandy, rushes into a subterranean parking garage on October 29, 2012, in New York’s Financial District.

More amazing photos here




1 thought on “Hurricane Sandy Comes Ashore”

  1. Seeing the photos of New York and New Jersey are just amazing. The destruction and magnitude of everything is just hard to wrap my mind around. We are in Maryland and managed to ‘dodge’ the hurricane bullet this year — we were devastated by Irene last year (trees down, hole in the roof, flooding) but managed to come through Sandy with just a few new leaks and flooded yard.

    Seeing picture 29 brought back memories — I was in Annapolis for Isabel in ’04 and every time I see the waters rise on Dock & Main Streets, it blows me away. I have been through earthquakes, a tornado, and several blizzards… but nothing rattles me to my core more than these tropical systems. I hope for quick recovery and my thoughts are with those who have lost.

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