3 hits in one swing of the bat

3 hits

In the bottom of the third, as Hunter Pence’s bat explodes in his hands, the ball makes its way down the barrel of the bat, hopping all the way like some kind of concussed bouncing Mickey Mouse head in a Sing-Along Song. Pence wound up with a double and two runs batted in on the play.  The San Francisco Giants went on to beat the St. Louis Cardinals 8 – 0 to win the National League Championship Series.




7 thoughts on “3 hits in one swing of the bat”

  1. Nothing like rubbing it in eh, Jonco? All they ever needed was one of those hits given the opposition they were playing. Then again the guy with the putter could’ve done them in.

    juss sayin!

    • The putter guy didn’t do too hot this year. He only got 30 homers, the lowest total of his career and ended with a 285 average – also the worst of his career. He’ll do better next year I’m sure. I’m proud of how well the Cards did without him and LaRussa. It’s a mighty fine ball club.

  2. They played well in 3 games. Those last three were embarrassing. I hope the fans aren’t too pissed as Kozma.


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