5 thoughts on “Music Lyrics”

  1. Ehhhhhhhh, sexy lady! Op op op, oppa gangnam style!

    But in all seriousness, it more or less shows that music is a science. It doesn’t matter what the song is saying, there are certain formulas right now in making a catchy song and it transcends cultures or language barriers.

  2. Sometimes I think I’ve exceeded the age barrier because there is no more new music that I like!
    Here is my favorite Gangnam vid, I play it over and over.
    (I think the dancing loli’s have something to do with it!) (I weigh 220 lbs and can actually do this for about a minute! …when nobody’s looking…)

    • Hell…I just muted the volume and enjoyed a video of some hot looking Korean girls. Nothing wrong with that, eh? 😉

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