14 thoughts on “Whenever I’m in line…”

  1. This is why EVERYWHERE that has people line up needs to have a “one line” system, where the next available cashier/teller/clerk helps the next in line. Banks can do it. Marshall’s can do it. Why can’t everyone do it? It’s fast, it’s fair.

    • Absolutely correct. Lots of research and lots of data to show that is clearly the best system. The real question is “Why don’t managers implement this proven best practice?”

      • I primarily pick my line based on cuteness of the cashier. Sometimes it’s worth waiting behind the old lady with a fistful of coupons and a checkbook. The one line system kind of messes that up.

  2. The most dreaded words to hear when shopping, “Price Check” on something for the customer in front of you…

  3. I think there is a deeper story here.

    Maybe, in life, the shortest line is not always the shortest path.


    Short time “gain” makes for long time “pain”.


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