First McDonald’s Restaurant

Mcdonalds1The first McDonald’s hamburger restaurant opened on December 12, 1948 in San Bernadino California.  It was owned by Maurice and Richard (“Mac” and “Dick”) McDonald.  Ray Kroc joined the company in 1954 as a franchise agent.

  Kroc eventually bought out the McDonald brothers and built the chain into what it has become. 

Kroc died in 1984.

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5 thoughts on “First McDonald’s Restaurant”

  1. Thanks for posting the menu. I’ve told my daughter that in the past that I used to be able to eat lunch at McD’s for less than 50 cents, but she always though that I was going crazy. Now I have my proof…

  2. The article accompanying the picture is wrong on one thing. McDonald’s had golden arches in the early 60’s.

  3. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, my uncle was the local Ronald McDonald. He’s a magician and would make appearances at local McDonalds, malls, schools, etc. doing magic shows. That’s my one cool factor item as a kid… your uncle is Ronald McDonald? Neato!

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