How ants survive Hurricanes

Ant raft

Ants, like many animals on the Gulf Coast of the USA, have had their ability to survive severely tested in the wake of Hurricane Isaac. In this picture they’re displaying their fascinating team work skills by creating a living life boat on top of the flood waters in Florida. Worker ants make up the bulk of the raft, helping to keep it afloat while continuing to care for the larvae of the colony. T

he queen ant is safely sheltered in the centre of the bundle, while soldier ants scurry across the top on lookout for potential dangers such as predators

Thanks Goddess


Old Spice Muscle Music

Actor Terry Crews, the alternative Old Spice muscly guy, is in their new viral interactive ad, demonstrating he can pretty much control musical instruments and other sound-making devices with electrodes attached to his muscles.

Watch the video and then record the music you make with your keyboard.


Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews