Inappropriate Hold Music

Please holdRon L has an idea for a post.

What is the most inappropriate hold music?

His two examples:

(1) A scene from The Simpsons. Homer is put in charge of watching baby Maggie. Somehow he looses her. So he calls the missing child hotline. He is placed on hold, and the music is “Baby come back” from Player. I pissed myself laughing at that episode.

(2) Real life example. I called my local emergency medical clinic to make an appointment. They put me on hold. The song playing was “Everybody Hurts” from REM. The lyrics were perfect. “Cause Everybody hurts. So hold on. Hold on…”. I just started laughing my ass off.
What is the most inappropriate hold music you’ve heard or can think of?

Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Fall is definitely in the air.  The leaves are just beginning to turn colors and fall around here.  They say it won’t be as colorful because of the drought we had this summer, but what I’ve seen so far looks promising.

On the road again:  We’re heading out for a motorcycle ride today.  We’re going to meet for breakfast and then head  to Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park today. I’ve never been there. I’ve only ridden a few of times this year and those were all pretty short rides.  We’ll be gone most of the day today.

What’s on your mind this weekend?