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  1. Uh… WRONG. The entire purpose of SSM is to persecute Christians, who will be sued when they don’t rent out their churches or perform marriages for SS couples. Otherwise, the LGBT community would be happy with equal rights under civil unions. But since they want to call their union a religious term, they are specifically targeting religions that have biblical standards.

    • My wife and I have a piece of paper issued by the state of Texas which clearly has the word Marriage on it, so marriage is more than a religious term. Marriage is a word with both civil and religious meanings, and this is so for good historical reasons. However, as far as the state is concerned, the “religious” requirement is so weak as to be practically non-existent. For example, I can be “ordained ” on the internet and the state will allow me to conduct a marriage ceremony of my own creation. I sign their piece of paper, the couple files with the state, and the state is happy.

      About 200 years ago, this country decided to separate the powers of the state and the church. This allows a Mormon to be president and prevents any religious organization from forcing you to pay a tax to them. We are still working out the details.

      As for lawsuits, well anybody can sue anybody else for any reason. Doesn’t mean it will succeed. I find it hard to believe that a court would force a church to perform a sacred rite to/for/on someone who refuses to submit to the church’s rules.

  2. So awesome gay couples at the dog parks will want to rub my belly too? That’s kind of creepy, but I guess ultimately enjoyable?

    • Maybe, given the fact that small business owners have been sued by gay couples when they were refused service based on the business owner’s religious beliefs and the gay couples won in court may have something to do with Jarrod’s statement. You know, that whole based on recent events and a logical prediction of future events based on past events

      • Yes, these suits exist. However, the state regards a business which is open to the public to be subject to civil requirements. In dry cities and counties in this country, restaurants wanting to serve alcohol got around this by being private, not public, businesses. You had to buy a “membership” if you wanted booze. Any business which refused to abide by health codes for religious reasons would be shut down, religious objections not withstanding. A church doesn’t pay taxes, but a religious bookstore does, and the church’s members do.

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