17 thoughts on “Bagel Heads – A new body modification fad”

  1. It is sad to see such a prestigious company as National Geographic is down to this kind of crappy program these days, same as the History channel.

  2. If I knew any girls that did this as a ‘beauty enhancement’, I’d give them my phone number and instruct them to NEVER, EVER call me!
    I’ve heard scare stories of men who have woke up the morning after and chewed their own arm off at the shoulder so they wouldn’t wake the girl sleeping on it.
    People are sooo kinky! Personally, I like just plain un-blemished, un-adorned, simple, normal women!….

    ………….. well, ……not live ones…….

      • Jonco…only because I was LMFAO when I wrote the post and I have a twisted sense of humor!
        I’m sure they would spend some time pondering my logic, and it probably wouldn’be my real number! (….and really, I like my girls alive! ..just a joke! LOL)

  3. Why not just hit these stupid people in the forehead with a hammer for free and after it swells up, hit these stupid pricks again to put the bagel hole in there….whats wrong with people today?

  4. The biggest mistake we have made as a race is to keep these morons from meeting their fate through natural selection. We’ve made it too hard to get into an accident and die from it.

  5. This isn’t a fad. Being Goth is a fad. Apple products are a fad. This is an SMALL, isolated group of people that have fooled themselves into thinking this is cool. If this grew into a trend of people doing it in every city, then it would be a fad.

      • Apple kind of is a fad though. You hear about i-this and i-that.
        People who have android aren’t all OMG I got this new gadget for this. So techncially… its a fad.

  6. Apple is a fad. Once they have no more cool devices to release (right about now), they will be quickly forgotten. They were in the dark ages and called back their savior. Now he’s dead. Sell your Apple stock and get out of it before you lose your life savings on it or it will turn into a mega fail.

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