Pre-peeled bananas – How lazy can we get?

Not to mention how wasteful can we get….

Pre-peeled bananas

In what has to be the worst case of wasteful packaging in the history of modern convenience, a grocery store in Austria is actually selling pre-peeled bananas that have then been re-packaged in cellophane-covered foam trays.

One of the reasons bananas have been billed as the world’s most perfect food is that they come with their own biodegradable packaging straight off the tree. And it’s not like you need a knife or some wacky kitchen contraption to peel them—the skin practically falls off on its own. Not surprisingly most customers are up in arms over the ridiculous repackaging stunt, except for the chain’s animated clientele who are optimistic the banished peels will dramatically reduce the risk of countless cartoon slipups.


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10 thoughts on “Pre-peeled bananas – How lazy can we get?”

  1. I lived in Austria for a couple of years and have shopped at Billa (the store that sold these). The shops are very small and it is surprising to me that they would have anything like this on the shelves. The irony is that people cannot likely stage any kind of boycott over something like this because most people shop at the local neighborhood market there and don’t have the means to go across town to a different store.
    Also I believe that Billa is one of the few non-government owned grocers in Austria.

  2. This is what you call the height of laziness. But then it might have an advantage as you can see their not bruised. I’m sorry to say the skins don’t always drop off. I’ve had to cut tops of some of them to be able to peel them. I’m wondering also which holds up the longest, the ones with a peel on them, or the unpeeled ones?

    • Anne, for the fresh bananas that don’t easily break at the top, turn the banana upside down and pinch the end of it. Comes right apart and you just peel it from the opposite end, but it’s not like it’s going to spill out or anything.

  3. At Costco last moth I saw a bag of peeled hard boiled eggs. Seriously! How bad is that?

    Regarding these bananas. There might be a good reason for this. If they refrigerated them or froze them, then they would peel them in order to make them presentable. I peel and freeze bananas all the time when they are on sale. With skin on, the skin turns black and looks horrible. Skin off, they look fine.

    The point is, doing this they are able to extend the shelf life of the part of the banana you eat from days to a couple of weeks.

  4. Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common. People today want convenience today and can care less about the quality of the foods. I hate seeing things like this honestly, because it just helps make people more and more lazy and less and less healthy. Providing themselves and their families with crap foods because it is ‘fast and convenient’ is really the norm today – And it shows!

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