3 thoughts on “Purse Stolen”

  1. I thought this might be a hoax, somebody trying to make a point, but apparently …

    However, some things to consider:
    1. MAYBE she vastly overestimated the value of her belongings and lost money. Maybe.
    2. Maybe the wallet and purse were GIFTS. MAYBE.
    3. MAYBE she prefers to use cash instead of credit cards or checks and that’s why she was carrying money.

    Certainly, there have been times when I didn’t have a lot of money, but I had a few nice things my Dad had bought for me. I had a friend lose a bunch of money in a store one time … because she had just withdrawn a bunch of money to buy her kids’ school things with.

    We look at an article like this, and YES, the LOGICAL assumption is welfare fraud. She can spend money on a nice purse and wallet, and carries a wad of cash, ergo she shouldn’t NEED food stamps. This is a logical assumption to make. My Dad was a doctor, and he’d see people drive up in a cadillac, and a bunch of kids jump out, all wearing 200 dollar shoes (back in the 80s) and they’d pay with Medicaid. It happens. Sure.

    But, just saying, we could, if we wished, possible see that there could be another explanation. Just saying.

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