4 thoughts on “Poop Confessions”

  1. The first guy looks rather proud of himself, and I would be too, if my owner were a big enough DICK to put a sign around my neck with a statement like that on it. The poor little dog that had the shits in his owners car, and got a sign for it, the owner is the douche, the rest of the owners are pathetic excuses for humans. Evidently the people think they are punishing the dogs. They are dogs.
    That is what happens when they are left home alone, or trapped in a car when they are sick, or any number of other violations these stupid meatbags have dreamed up that these poor dogs did against them.
    Fucking people, no wonder I love my dogs more than I love most people.

    • I think you’re being a little too hard on people. They’re doing the signs for fun. They don’t expect it to really embarrass the animals. My little Trixie has all of a sudden gotten into a bad habit of getting into the trash when we’re gone. Not every time but she’s just starting to do this a little too often. I keep a box of her treats on the floor and she never has gotten into that. This is all new behavior for her. I guess I won’t be putting a sign near Trixie. 🙂

      • Oh I know it’s all supposed to be a joke, I do have a sense of humor. Most of them are kind of funny, I think the one that got me was the one where the dog was sick in the car. I do think people expect quite a bit from dogs though, if they leave them alone for hours at a time and expect not to come home to some sort of mess.

  2. I read the book “A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog Named Trixie” last week. It’s about a retired service dog and a true story written by Dean Koontz. When he first got the dog he were told in no uncertain terms, “If this dog does something wrong, the fault will be yours, not hers.” I’m no dog owner but I feel about the same way about kids.
    Jonco,if haven’t read the book and think you would like to email me.

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