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The idea of President Romney makes me want to puke until my intestines pull loose. The fact of President Obama makes me feel just slightly less sick. But that seems to be the way Americans choose their president these days and I wonder if this is going to end anytime soon. We’re seven weeks or so from the election and as far as I can tell we’re being asked to choose between jumping from the 67th floor of a burning building or the 68th floor.

Meanwhile, the “Fiscal Cliff” that both parties signed off on a while back is looming like a burning tornado bearing down on a chicken farm. In case you missed it one hundred billion
dollars of automatic budget cuts go into effect next year unless Congress and the President can strike some sort of deal. You know, like the one that got us into this mess?

In case you haven’t been paying attention while you’ve been paying taxes, Congressmen and the President have lifelong health and dental benefits. They get free travel. They may choose to do their jobs or not, but as long as they can get voted in by the people puking their intestines out over the disgust with whatever party is currently the worst, it’s more or less a job without any real responsibilities. Unless of course, you think people who serve in office ought to do just that and then their behavior is just downright criminal.

Let’s look at it this way: Suppose you lived in a town where there were only two companies that installed septic tanks. There was no one else who could do the work and of course, you know you have to have one. Now suppose the two owners got together and decided they would charge ten thousand dollars for the installation of a septic tank and never a dime less. The rest is just advertising. As long as they know there is no competition and they know they’re going to get their money it doesn’t matter if one company gets more than half this year or less than half this year, because sooner or later they’re going to get about half anyway. That’s American politics.

Someone remarked to me they had rather vote for Hitler than Obama and I told them that was where it was heading. Partisan politics are getting to the point both sides are ready to start a war to keep the other from winning and it is pretty much splitting the cake and the country down the middle for those making money off it.

This election year there will be over one billion dollars spent on electing a president who makes less than half a million a year and Congressmen who make less than that. Who do you think they owe that money to? It will not be us.

Until we can get the Supreme Court to overturn their opinion that corporations are people, we’re going to keep getting screwed. Until we can get local third party candidates into office then nothing is going to change at a national level.

There is only one party in America. The two factions of it are the same. They are selling us a cesspool, taking our future, and burying it while they pump their sewage onto us and call it Democracy.

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21 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Politicks”

  1. The idea of four more Obama years truly, truly frightens me to the core. It’s not a racist thing or even a Democrat/Republican thing. His ideals and his policies are downright scary to me. I don’t see it as a matter of the lesser of two evils – I see it as a choice between kind of same-old same-old Romney and radical-“I want to fundamentally transform this country into a quasi socialist/Europe hybrid” I honestly think that Obama is a very, very dangerous man with an agenda to change the country that I loved growing up in into something unrecognizable. For those that take the media’s word for everything, I suggest you do some real, actual homework and you’ll see stark differences between these two men. One avenue to explore is this: find out how many times Romney did something charitable for someone else (when there were no cameras around) and then find out how many times Obama did something similar.

    On a personal note, it took me four months to find a job making less than I’ve made in 25 years in this economy – 4 more years of this crap and we’ll all be unemployed. Blame it on Bush if you like (I’ve done my homework there, too) but the man in the Oval office ran his campaign on the bad economy and deficits and then increased that deficit by 51%!

  2. “Until we can get the Supreme Court to overturn their opinion that corporations are people, we’re going to keep getting screwed. Until we can get local third party candidates into office then nothing is going to change at a national level.”

    I agree that this provision has hurt the electoral process hugely. I would add that Unions not be able to contribute to campaigns either. Unions are people as much as Corporations are people. (really, both types of organizations are made up of people but the decisions which affect them all are made by a select few)

  3. I am a self-professed independant and have voted for one side or the other over 40 years. I find Mitt Romney to be the kind of bozo that the party throws into the race when there’s little hope of winning, even though four years ago I thought Obama had no chance of getting re-elected (same for McCain if he had won). Politics in America is a mess, and I feel that the People are getting the short end.

  4. I’m not partisan. I would vote for a decent Dem in a heartbeat, and Romney is about as BAD as a GOP candidate as you can get. But in all seriousness, you can’t find a worse candidate than Obama. Yes, it would be better to vote in Hitler than Obama. How can I say that? Because at least he wouldn’t have the support of half the country, whereas Obama will intentionally destroy the country with the support of his party. How can I say that? Because, just like Hitler, Obama wrote a book and told us exactly what he wanted to do, and he’s doing it. Favor 3rd world countries and give all our jobs, resources, contracts to them. He’ll win again, and we’ll wonder W T F happened.

  5. I want to vote Democrat, just to see if Ted Nugent is really as stupid as he claims to be. Besides that, I never get tired of listening to people disrespect the President Of The United States. Maybe he will really change his name to enthuse the people who like to call him names.

  6. Comment while you can, Romney’s dead set against net neutrality, so Bit & Pieces could go away, along with many of your favorite sites.

  7. You know, it friggen astounds me that we keep electing the same bozos to Congress and the Senate, and then blame the Prez for everything. The problem is Congress. THAT is where the corporate contributions go. Congress passes the laws. Congress makes the budget. Congress writes the tax loopholes. Congress is the one who overspends and then dares the POTUS to not sign it and force the gov’t to come to a screetching halt.

    The presidential race is a side show to distract you from the fact that Congress is screwing you over and selling out your country to the highest bidder.

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