7 thoughts on “John Berry – Give Me Back My America”

  1. it’s ironic that republicans will be blasting this song when their own esteemed leader sent thousands of jobs to china. all of those lines about “working with my hands…” remember that some chinese guy can do it better, faster, and cheaper than you for .50 an hour

  2. What they mean by give me my country back is no blacks in the white house. If they paid attention they would know that our taxes have gone down under Obama and the health care law protects these nitwits from predatory insurance companies. At least more that before it was enacted. Why does middle class america like to vote against their own self interest? Step away from the Fox News and get a clue….

    • “What they mean by give me my country back is no blacks in the white house.”
      F-off! What a race bating, childish and ignorant thing to say!

      Obama has been trying to raise taxes this year and insurance rates have been increasing just as fast as it always has.

      It took Obama less than 22 months to equal the amount of debt Bush ran up in 8 years. Don’t believe me? http://www.fms.treas.gov/mts/index.html

      There are fewer people working today than when Obama took office and spent trillions on failed stimulus programs.
      Jan. 2009 – 133,561,000 employed Americans
      Jul. 2012 – 133,245,000 employed Americans
      There are over 316,000 less people working today than when Obama took office. If you don’t believe this, look up total non-farm employment, seasonally adjusted at http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/dsrv?ce

      “Step away from the Fox News and get a clue….”
      Haven’t watched it or any other network news in years. Maybe that’s why I know what’s going on and you are freaking clueless!

  3. I like the song, but not the republicans that put it out. If they did what the song said they would thow out most of their laws that they put in.

  4. so he’ll vote Republican so they can outsource his job and bust his union, then he’ll blame it on the messicans and the bl@cks…

  5. Well, his America is about big white guys that didn’t do too well in high school and can only do labor type jobs.

    If ya wanna go back to the “old days”, stop the fuck buying things with “Made in China” labels. The 1% are the only people that make money on that. You “save” money, then get to bitch about lack of jobs. Think about that at your next Walmart shopping spree.
    Reality check, free of charge.

    Go Green. Buy Local.

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