5 thoughts on “Self-Stabilizing Electric Motorcycle”

  1. not sure I would pay 24K but I like the idea
    about 2x a good crotch rocket price tag
    hope they add a noise maker, these could sneak up in a blind spot and you would never know it

  2. I love how it says “220 miles per charge” as if that’s in any way comparible to how many miles a car can go on a tank of gas. Lets say you have two cars next to each other. One goes 300 miles on a full tank of gas, the other goes 300 miles on a fully charged battery. They both go 250 miles and notice they’re getting low.

    The Gas car stops at a gas station, spends 5 minutes filling up, and boom, another 300 miles on the way. The electric car stops at a “charging station” and, best case scenario, it’s a “high speed” station supplied from the dealer, which can charge it in a lightning quick couple of hours. Most of the time, it’s a random electrical outlet, which can take all frigging night.

    Also note that this electricity is still being supplied primarily by standard power plants. Honestly, we’re better off going Nuclear.

    Then, on top of that, 5 years down the line, the battery’s cells have died and you have to replace it. Not only are these far stronger and more expensive than a standard car battery, running as much as 20,000 MORE dollars than what you already paid for your car… but the old one now has to be disposed of. You can’t reuse a dead battery – it’s just horribly caustic acids now. All you can do it find the most out-of-sight place to dump them (either unchanged or ground up/melted down) and hope no one notices.

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