6 thoughts on “Copperfield Flies”

  1. Well, Mr Copperfield, my dream was to make love with Claudia Schiffer. You beat me on that one too, you bastard. 🙁

  2. My dad took me to see David Copperfield when I was about 10. Simply amazing show – he’s a fantastic illusionist and has great stage presence (though I think Dad was more into watching the assistants). My favorite illusion was when he made a motorcycle disappear in midair and reappear in the audience (literally right behind where we were sitting).

    Next time we make it to Vegas, I fully intend on taking my little one to his show… everyone needs a little ‘magic’ in their lives. 🙂

    Also a huge fan of Penn and Teller, but wasn’t able to watch their shows until I was MUCH older.

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