11 thoughts on “Which Nobel Prize should you try to win?”

  1. I want the one Obama got.
    Two weeks on the job, haven’t done anything beside make promises to people who doesn’t understand or care about a budget.

  2. I want the one Gore got. I bet I can make a mockumentary about something that hasn’t happened, most likely will never happen and scare the living shit out of everyone if it does happen. Maybe I can warn people about an asteroid, aliens or alien probes?

  3. I, too, want the one Obama got.

    Oh wait, I am not narcissistic, so I would return the prize and the money stating that I did not do anything to deserve it.

  4. Just Google “Mormon Beliefs”. Then read it. I dare you.

    Even the most fundamentalist Christian will either think, This is nuts or Thank God no one like this will ever be President of the USA. Probably both.

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