8 thoughts on “Call Me Maybe Cover – Kunar, Afghanistan – US Army Soldiers”

      • That makes more sense than one of us being that mean. Hate the song all you like but appreciate the situation these people are in and they can sill have a laugh! Good on them!

    • I was wondering the same thing, but it’s true, I’ve seen posts with cute little puppies on it have a thumbs down. Remember my post on facebook yesterday, Jonco? You can’t be the jackass whisperer.

  1. I don’t know, there are a lot of anti-war people who would hate this. Not me! Kudos for having a little fun in this stressful situation.

  2. OMG, even Afghanistan isn’t far enough to get away from that song! Good for them for having a little fun with it.

  3. That’s funny. They should have a bit of fun once in a while.

    Can you imagine having a job, in a foreign country, for sometimes 36 months, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without your family, and protecting your country for very little pay? No, doesn’t seem like a job that I would want but These Heroes Do.

    And roughly only 70% of them get to come home. They put their life on the line every minute.

    And they are not treated as Heroes when they come home??? It happens up here too. Support our troops!

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