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  1. Somehow I feel p in b hates America as much as the hater-in-chief.

    ♬”I’m proud to be an American, God bless the USA!!”♬

    • p in b knows you’re wrong, please digest what Soldier says. It is possible to love your country and still be critical. My guess is that most of the fat and stupid ones haven’t traveled outside of the US, so they don’t appreciate other peoples and their cultures.

  2. Not to rain on your parade (and I love the USA!), but the number of medals per capita isn’t that great, compared to a lot of other countries (even weighted): 1 medal for every 3 million inhabitants –> 49th place.

    It’s only common sense that you can ‘generate’ a larger number of top-of-the-notch athletes when your number of inhabitants is that much larger. You sure did ‘beat the crap’ out of runner-up China though, which has a medal for every 15 million inhabitants.

    And kuddo’s for the Mars accomplishments 🙂

  3. At least we’re not like China, who takes children away from their parents, puts them in Olympic training camps. Just like that one diver who was kept from the fact that her grandmother died over a year ago, or their Mom’s been battling breast cancer for 8 years because they didn’t want to jeopardize their chance to win a gold in the Olympics.

    And North Korea…at least we don’t send our losing teams to work in coal mines or sentenced to a life of hard labor if they lose as well.

    Americans, just like the other countries who more than earned their per capita share in medals did it through honest work and effort. I’m sure we couldn’t doubled, even tripled our medal count if we were as oppressive as the countries I mentioned above. But we didn’t, and I’m proud to be an American, but I’m even prouder to be a free individual.

    That’s not just an American right, that’s a human right and if your country doesn’t believe that, you shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the Olympics to begin with.

  4. AMERICA, FUCK YEAH! (it’s nice to have something to brag about. let us have our moment in the sun. just a few minutes. then you can go back to bashing the hell out of us while we provide security and foreign aid and take in refugees).

    and please do not lecture me. I am going to Afghanistan in 34 days and I’d like to enjoy whatever time I have left here

    • Thank You for your Bravery Whiskey Tango. This greeting is from a Canadian that appreciates everything you are doing for the world. Thank You. Thank You to all the troops, front line and back-up. God Bless.

      You let us know when you get back here Safe.

  5. Well, at the 2010 Games, Canada set a new record for most gold medals won by a country in a single Winter Olympics with 14. This passes the previous record of 13 gold medals in one Games set by the Soviet Union (NOT Russia) in 1976 and matched by Norway in 2002.

    Don’t see USA on that list. Just saying….

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