9 thoughts on “Conscientious graffiti artist”

    • I believe we need to stop ADA (the American Dental Association). They’re based out of Chicago, with agents scattered around the country. Oh, and as a coincidence, our “intelligence agencies” tell us that Chicago has been building and storing WMDs for decades…let the bombing begin.

  1. That explains it. I’ve heard of people talking about problems with the DT’s before, but I didn’t realize it was the Dental Techs!

    • It says No Parking From 8am to 5pm Weekdays. Maybe to keep people from leaving their car on the street all day in a residential area while they work or shop, instead of using a nearby pay-to-park lot or garage?

      As far as I know, every city & burb around here outlaws parking on the fire hydrant side of the street. The one in front of my house says No Parking This Side. And it’s enforced.

      Also, a lot of towns outlaw overnight parking on the street. Ours has signs saying No Parking Between 3am And 6am. Not much else to do in those hours, so they DO ticket. Two unpaid tickets gets you towed and impounded.

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