Open Mic Sunday

Open Mic Sunday

Weather: The meteorologist on television said that the cooling temperatures we’ve experienced the last couple of days isn’t just a pause from the hot weather but a change in the overall pattern of weather.  They say it will remain more in the normal range for the foreseeable future.  The highs will be in the 80’s and even a high in the 70’s next weekend.   I guess we got our dog days of August in July this year.

No Ride: I was preparing to go for a motorcycle ride yesterday and my bike wouldn’t start.  I put the battery on a charger and it’s still dead this morning.

Open Mic:  I’m thinking about making the weekend open mics just that, a Weekend Open Mic rather than  Saturday and Sunday Open Mics.  Look for that next weekend.  (I know you’re really excited about that  :-))

Work, Work, Work:  I just got through working on our mud volleyball tournament and now I’m working on a trivia night for early next month.  I also have a video project I’m doing for a friend.  I remember my mom used to say, after she retired, that she didn’t know how she got everything done when she was still working.  Mom, I can relate to that statement.

That’s all from here, what’s going on in your world?


7 thoughts on “Open Mic Sunday”

  1. Did you test the battery with a meter…no kick starter 🙂
    loving this cooler weather here too
    63 now, high of 69 today and 77 monday

    • Sandie, Jonco has it right it is August. And they say the “dog days of August.” He’s was only saying we had them back in July this year, not in August as we usually have them.

      Glad to see you posting, as since Last Person went down, we’ve continued over at Open Mic Page. Way up in the right hand corner in the first line. Been wondering where you’ve been and missed you.

      • LOL…well, duh me. I misunderstood his reference. See, in my neck of the woods where it’s been 108°-112° for longer than I remember (my brain has melted), I lost the ability to rationally think things through lol.

        I didn’t know about the move. I just knew that no more comments were being sent to me and it’s hard to respond to silence. Thanks for your kind words and I’ll check out your new home 🙂

  2. I took my girl to the Lemon Festival here in town and it was boring. They used to be fun when I first moved out here with lots of cool crafts and hand-made jewelry, tons of food, and other simple but cool things. Now they sell stuff ya can buy at the dollar store, solar paneling, and massages. It’s like I’m at the swapmeet.

    • Fairs & festivals aren’t much fun since the politicians decided that they can make a buck by requiring vendors to have licenses & permits. The mom & pops don’t make enough to cover the costs.

  3. I can relate. I guess we’re having your dog days here in Southern California. I’m only about 4 miles from the ocean, and it’s usually pretty nice here. The last few days, it has been sweltering–upper 80s, and even low 90s. Please don’t laugh–we’re really not used to those temperatures.

    I can also relate to being incredibly busy after retiring. I’m HOA president, and we don’t have a management company. Also, I dogsit, and belong to several groups that meet regularly. People also ask me to help out, because, after all, I’m not working. Guess I’m thankful I’m up to it all!

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