6 thoughts on “Household Tips”

  1. “Put pancake mix into a ketchup bottle for a no-mess experience”

    Are you kidding? You need to clean multiple funnels since it took several tries to find the right size. The counter tops are a disaster from the bottle, funnel and mix bowl spilling all over it. Finally, there is the cleaning of the unused bit left in the bottle.

    • Jeez, and I thought it was a good plan. I also thought most of them were just common sense. Well, except for a few.

  2. Yeah, totally agree about the wooden spoon not working. Tried that one before and the pot boiled over. As for freezing ground beef, we split 2# packages into freezer bags and then basically pancake them flat taking up the whole bag. That defrosts easier than the above suggestion.

  3. add a little butter in a pot…it wont boil over, it works :).
    we can buy pancake mixes in a bottle already, just add milk/water and shake…i think the bottle idea works better over here because our pancake batters are a lot thinner?

    i like the frozen grapes tho, gotta keep that in mind for my bday XD

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