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  1. I’ve seen this before – It looks very good when done by someone with a lot of practice, and the trick is So simple. 😀


    Bought this trick in vegas. Here’s how it’s done.

    Use magicians wax (ordinary candle wax that is sticky and mostly see-thru) to stick a small piece on the centre of the playing card. (this can be substituted for blu-tack in a pinch)
    Use magicians string (uber thin, nearly see-thru strands. Strip one tiny thread from the strand) (measure from hand to middle of chest for approximate length)
    Use tape (stuck back onto itself into a loop to make it double sided) stuck behind back of neck.
    Join neck tape to string, string to card.
    To make it come to your hand, ‘catch’ the string between thumb and pointer.
    watch videos of people doing it to figure out what you can do.

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