13 thoughts on “Just one step back to frame the photo…”

  1. Fake. The reflection should be directly below the man, not off to the side.
    The reflection also shows his back in sunlight when it should be in shade.

  2. People who fall from a place like that don’t end up that far from the bridge. He would have had to thrust his body back with some force to be that far from the bridge. Besides, he looks like a giant anyway.

  3. [CASE SOLVED] Elementary my dear Watson.

    1) Camera strap is floating upwards, whereas in the reflection it’s strapped across his back.
    2) His legs are straight as an arrow whereas in the reflection he’s got an obvious bend.
    3) His elbow is in front of his chest whereas in the reflection it’s in lowered bench press position.

    Next Question!

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