14 thoughts on “Outlook.com: Microsoft’s answer to Gmail”

  1. Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll stick with my Windows Mail. I’m not on Facebook, nor chatting with anyone. Windows Mail is just plain and simple. Similar to the old Outlook Express. No commercials and clutter free. Plus that guy talks to fast for anyone just starting out on the internet. Some people don’t get all that jargon right off the bat. I get so frustrated with a friend of mine who doesn’t get on her computer that much. And when there’s trouble look out…I’m called and have to explain a half dozen times on how to do something. Of course she’s a blonde…does that tell you anything?

  2. P.S. B&P is the ONLY place I chat with people, just wanted to clarify that. Like the little group with have in here, so that’s why I’m here.

  3. I signed up just to keep my name as well. It also allows you to sign into your hotmail account.

    G-Mail on the other hand just sucks and it is impossible to work with.

  4. The ONE thing that makes this better is that this new outlook email does NOT, like gmail and yahoo mail, READ all of your emails contextually in order to serve you up more “tailored” advertisements. Yep, they READ every WORD to find key words. Who KNOWS what database lurks at google and yahoo that some yahoo (cough) bureaucrat could use. Just a thought. I grabbed about 50 including some great business names

  5. I signed up just so I can get the name I want….don’t know much I will use it, this makes 8 email addresses I have…OVERKILL

  6. I use Gmail, and it doesn’t bother me that all my emails are “read”, because I don’t EVER put anything in email I wouldn’t put on the back of a postcard or in skywriting.

    Outlook.com, on the other hand, wants a boatload of private info from me just to sign up. Why do they need my birthdate and zip code just to give me an email account? True, Gmail requires birthdate now, as well, but it didn’t at the start.

    I appreciate the heads up on new tech, though, Jonco. Thanks!

  7. Just signed up. I have to say it’s the most intrusive sign-up I’ve seen so far.
    I get really pissed off with web services demanding my phone number. If someone did that in a shop I’d tell them to take a running jump.

  8. You don’t have to give them your phone number. I didn’t. You have the option of using a security question/answer instead.

    The birthdate thing hardly matters. Give them a fake birthdate if you want. Just remember the exact date you give them because if you ever have a problem signing in, you could be locked out until you give them the birthdate on file. Years ago I had a problem signing into yahoo and I had to supply the (fake) birthdate on file as part of the process of fixing that. Another thing is if you’re too young, they require a parent to give permission. A parent giving permission must pay 50 cents which supposedly goes to charity. When my kids got gmail I just made them 10 years older.

    • Yeah I did that, then it wouldn’t let me actually send an email without a massive CAPTCHA thing that kept failing. When I’d failed it a few times it then demanded my phone number again to “verify my account.”
      This then also failed saying “sorry, we can’t do that yet.”
      Three times.
      Then it sent my message.

      Well done, Microsoft, you muppets.

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