B&P Link Dump

Opening ceremony$77,000 bottle of cognac accidentally broken

3 Million souls trapped in AOL dial-up Hell

Awesome pics from opening ceremony Right arrow2

The most laughably weird spaghetti westerns

FBI: Target has one of the best forensic labs

Walmart: From one store to empire in 50 years

Early Olympics

Hi Res of Olympics Opening Ceremony  
Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out

Teen screwed cow & forced to marry it

Sex at the London Olympics

An interview with Westboro Baptist Church
Proof that the whole organization is batshit crazy

Curt Schilling opens up about video game company failure

Beautiful Hearts of World Geography


Trivia Tidbits:  What do rabbits and horses have in common? They can’t vomit.  ***  The Leave It to Beaver theme is called “The Toy Parade.”  ***  The first dice were made from sheep ankle bones.  ***  Snails kiss before mating (by rubbing their antennae together)  ***  Warren G. Harding was the first president to be voted for by women.     via



10 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

    • Yeah, there are people still far enough out in the middle of nowhere that still need dial-up.

      For instance, my father-in-law can not get a cable modem because no cable company will run a line out to his farm. I don’t think he can get DSL from his phone company, so I think he gets connected to the Internet via his satellite TV company; otherwise, it would be dial-up for him.

  1. I’ve got one to add to the trivia. A dog can’t clear it’s throat like a human can. They just can’t do it.

  2. The Hi Res pic of the opening ceremonies is cool. I noticed that there are a number of empty seats, other than the ones behind the tree. I would have thought that the place would have been packed. Try as I might, I cannot spot the cat, or Waldo.

    • I heard there was a problem with ordering tickets. If you were ordering from Europe, it was about 20 Euros. However, if you were ordering from the US it was 900 US Dollars. Don’t know if they got it resolved or not.

  3. Seeing the pictures of older Olympics has me thinking that we should go back to the first Olympics where the athletes were naked. Can you imagine the TV viewing numbers? Sign me up for a seat at women’s gymnastics…God, what a pig I am…

    • esp. in Women`s Beach Volley Ball.

      Well, for fans of the Itty Bitty Titty Clu anyway.

      Then again, careful what you wish for. That Greco-Roman wrestling is kinda gay. My vote for the most boring Olympic `sport`.

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