27 thoughts on “Shake Your Head”

  1. I can make out the picture, but I can’t shake my head any faster to see it clearer! There’s a picture embedded between the lines, and when you shake your head the black and white appear grey.

    I wonder if viewing it on a tablet/smart phone and shaking that rather than breaking my neck would work better?

  2. I turned it into an back and forth animation but couldn’t see anything, maybe i had it going to fast or not fast enough

  3. I couldn’t shake my head fast enough either – started sounding like someone was shaking a can of spray paint…but I saw that there was a person in there.

  4. If you’re near sighted, you can just take off your glasses to see it. The farther back you have to lean/step to see it, the better your vision is. 20/20 should be somewhere around 7 feet.

  5. Doogie Howser, Neil Patrick Harris and Barney Stinson? All in the one picture?

    Reminds me of a line from The Simpsons when Lisa is trying to explain to Homer where ham, bacon and pork comes from – “Yeah Lisa, like there’s a magical creature that makes ham, bacon and pork somewhere!”

    Definately easier to see at a distance.

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