Open Mic Sunday

Open Mic Sunday

Had a good time visiting with my cousins and cousins-in-law yesterday.  I only see them once a year or so and it seems like it’s usually at a funeral, so this was extra nice. 

We went to see the movie Ted  last night.  It’s the R rated film about a talking teddy bear.  I liked it and it had some good laughs but not as many as you’ll find in The Hangover  films.

We’re having family over for lunch and then we’ll play some cards or games this afternoon.

What’s going on in your world?


7 thoughts on “Open Mic Sunday”

  1. Humidity finally led to some good knock-down drag-out thunderstorms. Powered down a coupla times to keep from becoming a lightning rod. AT a tag sale this weekend I did find a color computer from 1972 tho not the kind you’d think.

    oh and my new favorite ice cream franchise is “Peachwave” not really ice cream but good. Ever heard of it? What’s your fav?

    • It was good. And it was crowded by the time we left. I had a whole friend catfish, coleslaw and mashed potatoes with gravy and a diet coke.

      • I need a good meal like that! One that I didn’t cook.

        I was wondering if it was going to be good or the people were just used to the food there. One of those things were people would just put up with it because it’s the only one in town.

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