13 thoughts on “Fastest Way to Chill a Drink”

  1. I found the fastest way to chill a warm beer is to roll it in an ice chest for about 45 seconds, ICE COLD….

  2. Surround a bottle of beer with ice (small cooler preferably. Grasp neck and twirl for about a minute. This has worked for me many times after getting luke warm beers out of the cooler from the night before that contains nothing but water.

  3. How about duct taping it to your car’s air conditioning vent, turn it up on Max air/recirculate, and haul ass down the road till it gets cold? If Mr. Do-right pulls you over, at least you’ll have a cool drink to offer him. 😛

  4. Then Jen sez, make a run to the beer store and buy twist off caps and pick up a bottle opener……

  5. Did she really have to waste 2 minutes of my valuable time to tell me to put salt in the ice water?
    BTW, spray canned air up upside down. It will do the job in a minute.

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