Open Mic Sunday

Open Mic Sunday

The Last Person Wins post is pushing 700 comments now.  It’s taken on a life of it’s own, though it does seem to have slowed down a bit. 

I’m thinking about creating an Open Mic page, like those at the top where people can put whatever they want whenever they want.  It could be similar to the conversations going on in the Last Person Wins post noted above.

Grumpy:  I noticed that Grumpy hasn’t shared his wisdom with us for a few days, so I emailed him to see if he was OK.  A couple of days later he emailed me back saying he’d been ill and spent some time in the ER earlier in the week.  He said he hoped to be back pissing people off before long.  We wish him well and hope he’s back to ornery self in no time.  🙂

This is your chance to talk about whatever you want.

Go for it!……



11 thoughts on “Open Mic Sunday”

  1. Just wanted to say I wish Grumpy well, and hope he is coming along alright. Wishing a speedy recovery!!!

  2. I’ve been checking up on Grumpy also and the young feller sure isn’t up to snuff. Wish I lived closer, I’d have him on the mend in no time. Wishing him a speedy recovery too!

  3. On another note, I like the idea of the open mike page. I enjoy going to see the comments in last person wins, good stuff.
    We’ve finally got our summer here and the greenhouse, the doggies and I are loving it.

  4. This is to wish Grumpy a speedy full recovery. I’ve been trying to fill in for him, but I have been doing a piss poor job of it. Hurry back Grumpy!

    On the Open Mic note; I think that it would be a great addition to an already awesome blog family. (Did I win anything for that? :))

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