16 thoughts on “I Hate Glocks”

  1. Glock did a bang-up PR job to make folks believe that their guns were the ones to have. In reality, they are OK for a police service weapon, but not even close to guns like the Sig Sauers, or even Kimbers.

  2. Just like anything else, there are better guns and worse guns.

    I put a couple thousand rounds through my Glock 19 9mm with NO failures whatsoever.

    I plan to buy a G26 for my carry gun.

    Why take a chance with another gun when I KNOW these work as well as they do?

    • Out of curiosity, why are you going from a 19 to a 26? Have you considered a 21 for more stopping power?

  3. I prefer a SIG SAUER…
    But, if you have to train a lot of people to use a gun with minimal training Glocks are very good at that. They are so easy to shoot well a monkey could do it with minimal yearly training, hence the Police force comment.

  4. Most glocks have too SMALL of a grip, this guy must have tiny hands, which corresponds to a tiny… well, yeah.

  5. I still have the first handgun that I possessed. It is a Colt 1911 A1 that might be the same gun that I had in ‘Nam…Maybe it was sent back to the states in my overseas baggage…

    • YEAH I have one of those with black talons for home defense but I really love my Colt AR15A2 I need to send in a pic ,I would have done the same thing Richard if I was there lol I do know some Vets that did send back some certain things

  6. LOL This was an awesome video. I loved the witty humour. Props for the candle lit scene. XD

  7. I couldn’t agree more. I hate Glocks too. They don’t fit my hand well; they don’t have a natural ‘feel’ in my grip; the slides are too smooth to get a good grip. In my opinion they’re way over hyped. I carry a Walther P99 in .40 cal and also a Walther P22 as a back up. Love them both; accurate, stable, intuitive and reliable as heck.

  8. I have been the proud owner of a Dan Wesson Model 15, .357 Magnum 6 shot revolver, since 1979. It has worked flawlessly with minimal maintenance, and the only thing I would change about it is it’s weight. When I put it in my back pocket, it pulls my pants down. If I ever get another weapon I’m going to opt for a rocket launcher like all the 14 year old Islamic kids carry. They look so cool!

  9. I’ve never fired a gun.
    Ironically, I have a fairly good knowledge of gun types, ammo types etc, and can usually identify most guns I see – this is purely down to films and, even more so, game culture.
    I’m glad that guns are still pretty much a rarity in England rather than par for the course.

  10. I’ve put many thousands of rounds though my G19 and it has never failed to fire – even if it’s dirty. It’s accurate, light, easily concealable, holds a ton of ammo, and is dead simple to field strip and clean. I also like the fact that it has no thumb safety, so there are fewer obstacles to deal with when it matters. Sure it’s not as “cool-looking” as some other guns, but that’s not something I look for in a personal defense handgun. Sure, my collection includes some others that are better looking and fun, but my Glock is a work gun, plain and simple. Sure, I like Sigs, HKs, and Springfields. They make some fine handguns. But I haven’t found a compelling reason to carry anything else. I catch flack from some of my buddies for my “plastic gun”, but in a contest the other day I was the first to hit a 4-inch target that we’d positioned 60 yards away. And, no I didn’t empty my magazine. Let’s just say that if I’d had a single-stack mag I would have hit it and still had a few left over for target practice. 🙂

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